Friday, April 22, 2011

A (Mother) Earth Day Crisis

So they’ve been on my mind for weeks.  Diapers.  And not just because I’m changing them more often than I check my email.

It’s the changing them and then putting them in the diaper pail where they form a conveniently packed cellophane tube that I then heave into the trash bin that’s got me thinking.  That’s a lot of waste.

I recycle paper, plastic, glass and aluminum, tote reusable grocery bags, go “paperless” billing, leave lights off more than on, keep my small kitchen appliances unplugged, only flush every few visits to the bathroom (it’s not gross if you’re home alone!), try to burn as little gasoline as possible, eat home grown veggies, abstain from overfished menu items, and welcome lizards as natural pest control.

Except for my diapers!
So why on God’s green earth am I throwing away a toddler-sized sack of diapers twice a week?

Before this baby was born I was one hundred percent sold on using cloth diapers.  And then the horror stories started to pour in.  Friends and family alike had me conjuring up mental images of puddles of leaking pee-pee, sweaty plastic pants, scraping number twos into the toilet, and toting baggies of stinky cotton everywhere I go.  So before I even got started, I threw in the, err, diaper.

I know it’s the right thing to do.  I’m just having a hard time getting excited about actually doing it.  My laundry piles have already grown substantially.  My baby doesn’t just dirty his own clothes, he dirties ours too!  Can I handle washing loads of diapers on top of all the new responsibilities I've taken on lately?

I know it would be greener.  I’m just not sure if I’m ready.


  1. I used cloth diapers with 5 babies now (we foster also!) I love them! We also used disposable diapers too. My first born was allergic to disposables, and that is when I discovered the wonderful world of cloth! Fuzzi Bunzs and Kissaluvs are my favorite! And since then so many more have come out! With our foster babies, the days we are home, we used them. If they had to be in daycare or visits with parents we would use disposable! LIke anything else it is a system.If you want to begin, start with 2-3. It is very do able. Get ones like Fuzzi Bunzs You add inserts inside, they are easy to wash and I always just hang mine to dry. I full time diapered with 12 of them, although 18 is more doable. I even drove across country with 12 diapers!

  2. Just wanted to let you know I ordered the Kissaluvs. . .I'll let you know how I like them. They sound really easy. Thank you for your help!